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iPhone Review

July 2, 2007

I read 12 iPhone reviews. I played with a coworker’s iPhone today. As a proud owner of a Samsung Blackjack, I can easily say that, after the novelty value of the touch screen and shifting menus wears off, all iPhone owners will regret having purchased one. Not that they’ll admit this to themselves, being that anyone who pays $500 for a phone is deluded to begin with, but in the end there are dozens of other better (and cheaper) options which are much better products than the iPhone. They’re just not backed by Manchurian candidate brainwash marketing campaigns.

 Once your iPhone is covered in smudge, the huge screen is broken, your friends think you’re an idiot because you can’t type anything, and you’re sick of scrolling through your vacation pictures (if you ever even got around to uploading them), remember that you could have purchased a BlackJack for $50 and gotten 5x to 6x more long-term happiness.